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Vicky Donor



  • Release Date 20/04/2012
  • Runtime 126 min
  • Language  Hindi 
  • Genre Comedy  Romance 
  • Country  India 
  • Director  Shoojit Sircar 
  • Star Ayushmann Khurrana  Yami Gautam  Annu Kapoor 
  • Written By Juhi Chaturvedi 
    Vicky Donor
    Vicky Donor 2012.jpg
    Theatrical release poster
    Directed by Shoojit Sircar [ 1 ] [ 2 ]
    Produced by John Abraham [ 3 ]
    Written by Juhi Chaturvedi [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ]
    Starring Ayushmann Khurrana
    Yami Gautam
    Annu Kapoor
    Puja Gupta
    Music by Abhishek-Akshay
    Rochak Kohli
    Ayushmann Khurrana [ 7 ]
    Cinematography Kamaljeet Negi
    Rising Sun Films
    Distributed by John Abraham Entertainment
    Eros Entertainment
    Release date(s)
    • 20 April 2012  ( 2012-04-20 )
    Running time 125 minutes [ 8 ]
    Country India
    Language Hindi
    Budget INR 50 million (US$840,000)
    Box office INR 645.0 million (US$11 million)(worldwide) [ 9 ]

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    Vicky Donor is a 2012 Bollywood comedy-drama film directed by Shoojit Sircar and produced by actor John Abraham . [ 10 ] The film stars Ayushmann Khurrana , Yami Gautam and Annu Kapoor in the lead roles. It released on 20 April 2012 in around 750 screens across India , [ 11 ] [ 12 ] and received positive response worldwide. [ 11 ] The film opened to critical acclaim and performed strongly at the box office and was declared a Super Hit by Box Office India . [ 13 ] [ 14 ] The storyline is based on the concept of sperm donation and infertility . [ 15 ] [ 16 ] [ 17 ] The film is loosely based on the Canadian French film Starbuck . [ 18 ] [ 19 ]

    The story is about Dr. Baldev Chaddha ( Annu Kapoor ), a fertility expert, who runs a fertility clinic and a sperm bank in Daryaganj , Delhi , that guarantees high quality and specialised sperm for couples with fertility issues wanting donated sperm. Unfortunately, he has more failed cases to his credit than successes. A healthy and high-performing donor is therefore need of the hour. While searching for his [replacesinglequotehere]Indian Alexander [replacesinglequotehere], Chaddha bumps into Vicky Arora ( Ayushmann Khurrana ). Vicky is the only son of his widowed mother Dolly ( Dolly Ahluwalia ), who runs a small parlour from their home in Lajpat Nagar . He lives with his mother and grandmother and provides no financial support to her. Dolly is always nagging at Vicky to go and work for his uncle so he can help with the family[replacesinglequotehere]s finances but Vicky wants a job in a multinational company, which will provide him with a better lifestyle. Vicky[replacesinglequotehere]s neighbor Shweta ( Puja Gupta ) is infatuated with him, but Vicky doesn[replacesinglequotehere]t reciprocate the same feelings which causes friction at times between the two.

    A small brawl in the colony brings Chaddha and Vicky face to face, where Chaddha concludes that Vicky could be the donor he has been looking for. From here on, Chaddha[replacesinglequotehere]s days and nights are spent in convincing Vicky to become a donor until he finally gives in. Although Vicky is hesitant at first, he accepts being a sperm donor after seeing the potential money he could make from being one. He starts to spend money wildly and renovates his home and his mother[replacesinglequotehere]s beauty parlor. He fulfills all his dreams with the money he is making. At first he openly discloses he is a sperm donor to his friends, but after being repeatedly ignored by them he starts to keep it a secret. Vicky falls in love with Ashima Roy ( Yami Gautam ) whom he meets in a bank when he goes for depositing money. Ashima is a Bengali who works in a bank. At first Ashima is repelled by Vicky and his attitude, but slowly becomes attracted to him. After a period of dating both admit they are in love with each other and want to get married. Ashima also discloses that she was briefly married to a Bengali, who left her immediately after their wedding because he loved someone else. When she asks Vicky about his status, he hides the fact he is a sperm donor feeling ashamed of the fact. Despite initial friction between Vicky[replacesinglequotehere]s and Ashima[replacesinglequotehere]s families due to conflicting cultures, they eventually convince their families and get married. After their wedding Vicky stops donating sperm out of faithfulness to Ahsima. It is discovered in the progress that Ashima is infertile and Vicky, with a heavy heart, takes better care of her. One day while looking at the doctor[replacesinglequotehere]s reports, Ashima finds Vicky[replacesinglequotehere]s reports nowhere to be seen and asks him where they are. He admits to not having taken the fertility tests, because of his past as a sperm donor. Once Ashima finds this out, she becomes extremely upset as her husband has multiple children while she is unable to bear any herself. She is also upset that he lied to her. Ashima temporarily leaves Vicky and goes back to Kolkata to her father[replacesinglequotehere]s home.

    Vicky is extremely upset as he loves Ashima a lot and cannot live without her. One night Vicky gets a frantic call from his mother who claims that Income Tax agents have raided her beauty parlor. Vicky rushes to her aid and once there Vicky is arrested on suspicion of handling black money. Then while at the police station, Vicky is bailed out by Dr. Chaddha and he clear the air with the police about Vicky[replacesinglequotehere]s money. He explains that he is a sperm donor and the money was gifts from the parents who used Vicky[replacesinglequotehere]s sperm. After being released by the police, Dr. Chaddha and Vicky have a chat in which he explains how Ashima has left Vicky because of his past as a sperm donor and the fact that she is infertile herself. Dr. Chaddha tells him that he will fix his marriage and takes it upon himself to fix up Vicky[replacesinglequotehere]s marriage. He asks Vicky to bring Ashima to a guest house where he will host an event, but Vicky is reluctant because he is not sure if Ashima will be willing to come back with him. After Vicky has a chat with Dr. Chaddha he goes to his mother home and she is very upset with him and slaps him. She is very angry with him about the sperm donation, and while his grandmother is also clearly upset she points out that Vicky brought happiness and joy to those parents who were not able to have children and that[replacesinglequotehere]s all that matters to her. She then encourages Vicky to go to Kolkata and bring back Ashima, which he does. Vicky then goes to Ashima[replacesinglequotehere]s father[replacesinglequotehere]s home and tries to apologize for his deception. Although she is reluctant, Ashima[replacesinglequotehere]s father sets her straight and tells her that Vicky is a good person and she should not leave him because she is jealous of him being able to have children.

    Then she agrees to go with Vicky to Dr. Chaddha[replacesinglequotehere]s event. Dr. Chaddha holds an event where he calls all the families who have received Vicky[replacesinglequotehere]s sperm. She then sees how Vicky has brought happiness into the families lives. Dr. Chaddha then takes Vicky and Ashima to an orphanage and explains that while tracking down two children who Vicky fathered, he came across one child he fathered who lost both her parents in a car accident and had to be put in an orphanage. He says that Vicky and Ashima should adopt her as they cannot have child of their own. They both happily agree and reconcile with each other. The movie ends with Dr. Chaddha calling Vicky telling him that a request for his sperm has come in, asking if he will donate. With Ashima[replacesinglequotehere]s approval he agrees.

    Vicky Donor deals with the concept of sperm donation and infertility . [ 25 ] When questioned about the risky subject matter, Abraham responded "Basically, Vicky Donor is a romantic comedy. But the concept is set against the background of sperm donation." Abraham hoped that the film could shed light on a serious issue still considered " taboo " in Indian society. Sircar said, "I want to take a light-hearted look at the taboo attached to infertility and artificial insemination". Before filming began, Sircar researched upon the plot themes for three years. [ 26 ] Juhi Chaturvedi , creative director at advertising agency Bates, who wrote film[replacesinglequotehere]s screenplay based on her own idea, had previously stayed in Lajpat Nagar as a student at College of Arts, Delhi. As the script went through several drafts, she also met a couple who run a noted fertility clinic in Mumbai. [ 27 ] [ 28 ]

    Despite the usual trend, Abraham did not take up the leading role in the film: "It was a conscious decision to not act in my first production because I believe producing a film is about creating quality content that I believe in." [ 29 ] Director Sircar suggested Khurrana, a video jockey and television host, for the role of Vicky; he was considered because he was popular among the youth. I can read and write in it too." [ 26 ] [ 30 ] Khurrana turned down three film projects to play the lead in Vicky Donor . To prepare for the role, he met several medical experts and donors to understand the concept of sperm donation; a major medical consultant specialising in the field was later inducted as a medical adviser for the film. Additionally, Khurrana studied acting and attended workshops with N.K. Sharma in Delhi . [ 26 ] It was later reported that Abraham would perform an " item number " in the film. [ 31 ] Commenting on the lead[replacesinglequotehere]s performance, Abraham said "I am glad I cast Ayushmann in the lead. He[replacesinglequotehere]s a complete natural, has all the trappings of a fine actor and has delivered a super performance. It doesn[replacesinglequotehere]t seem like Vicky Donor is his first film." It was reported that the film[replacesinglequotehere]s production crew would feature "the best technicians from Los Angeles", and acclaimed action choreographer J J Perry. Incidentally, Ayushmann who plays the lead role, successfully performed a task on the reality show MTV Roadies : Season 2 , which was sperm donation. [ 29 ] [ 32 ]

    Vicky Donor received overwhelmingly positive reviews from various top critics of India. Blessy Chettiar of DNA India rated it with 4 stars and said – "Run to the nearest theatre and surrender yourself to charm of Vicky and his team. This "Aryaputra" provides only good quality entertainment." [ 33 ] Writing for FilmiTadka, Janhavi Patel gave it 4 out of 5 stars and wrote in her review – " Vicky Donor is one of the funniest movies in recent times and the most enjoyable cinematic experience you will have in a long time. It proves that an adult comedy can be made with class, ingenuity, and finesse. You can easily watch this twice!". [ 34 ] Madhureeta Mukherjee of The Times of India gave Vicky Donor 3.5 stars and said – "It takes a man to make a film like this, literally. Kudos to John Abraham for his brave maiden production. Thankfully, this sperm hits bullseye." [ 35 ] Mathures Paul of the The Statesman gave the film 3.5 stars and wrote, " Vicky Donor is an admirable movie that is at once simple, emotional, daring and in your face." [ 36 ]

    The movie made 700% profit at the box office, earning approx INR 645.0 million (US$11 million) worldwide.

    The film had an opening at the box office worldwide and collected INR 18.8 million (US$320,000) on first day in India. [ 37 ] Vicky Donor showed good growth on Saturday as all India collections jumped around 35–40% and the film collected around INR 26.0 million (US$440,000) nett taking its two-day business to INR 45.0 million (US$760,000) nett. [ 38 ] The film got tough competition from Housefull 2 and Hate Story in its first week of theatrical run in India . [ 39 ] Vicky Donor is the 3rd small-budgetted film of 2012 after Paan Singh Tomar and Kahaani to receive such an acceptance by critics, multiplex goers and urban audience. It grossed INR 32.5 million (US$550,000) nett on Sunday. Vicky Donor had a decent 3-day weekend as it grossed around INR 77.5 million (US$1.3 million) nett over its first weekend. [ 40 ] It had a good first week of around INR 135.0 million (US$2.3 million) nett. [ 41 ] Vicky Donor had an excellent second week collecting around INR 112.5 million (US$1.9 million) nett taking its two-week total to around INR 255.0 million (US$4.3 million) nett. [ 42 ] Vicky Donor continued its strong run into the third week and totally grossed INR 405.0 million (US$6.8 million) in full run and was declared a Super Hit. [ 43 ] [ 44 ] [ 45 ]

    The film had a wide release with close to 125 prints and grossed a decent $350,000 overseas in 4 days. [ 46 ] It has done well in North America and decently in other markets. [ 47 ] It was declared a semi hit in overseas markets.

    Grosses are as followings:
    UK – £90,329 ($140,600)
    USA – $466,467
    UAE – $286,000
    Australia – $88,682

    Total: $1.2 million (65 million) [ 48 ]

    After the major critical and commercial success of the film, producer John Abraham announced that he was encouraged by the response of Vicky Donor , and has therefore laid a sequel on the cards, which is expected to go on floors in mid-2013. Also, Indian actor Siddharth bought the remake rights of the film for the Tamil version. [ 49 ] Dileep has bought the remake rights as well, for the Malayalam version. [ 50 ] Telugu Director Madhura Sreedhar bought the remake rights of the film for the Telugu version and named as Danakarna . [ 51 ]

    The soundtrack of the film has been composed by Abhishek-Akshay, Bann, Rochak Kohli, and Ayushmann Khurrana. The album was released on 9 April 2012. quotes " Vicky Donor album tracks are worth listening and contain rawness". [ 52 ] and Ayushmann Khurrana won Filmfare Award for Best Male Playback Singer at 58th Filmfare Awards for " Pani Da Rang ". [ 53 ]

    Vicky Donor is a 2012 Bollywood comedy-drama film directed by Shoojit Sircar and produced by actor John Abraham . [ 10 ] The film stars Ayushmann Khurrana , Yami Gautam and Annu Kapoor in the lead roles. It released on 20 April 2012 in around 750 screens across India , [ 11 ] [ 12 ] and received positive response worldwide. [ 11 ] The film opened to critical acclaim and performed strongly at the box office and was declared a Super Hit by Box Office India . [ 13 ] [ 14 ] The storyline is based on the concept of sperm donation and infertility . [ 15 ] [ 16 ] [ 17 ] The film is loosely based on the Canadian French film Starbuck . [ 18 ] [ 19 ]