bollywood movie review
Crook *****
Genre: Crime, Action,
Jai Dixit (Emraan Hashmi), a youngster who sells pirated DVDs. One day, his uncle Joseph (Gulshan Grover) caught him and changed his personality completely, he changed his name to Suraj Bhardwaj and sends him off to Australia. At the airport, he meets Romi Latti, a teenager who got a scholarship to a University College. He also meets Suhani (Neha Sharma), a young girl who has come to pick Romi up. Suraj gets attracted to Suhani, and therefore he pretends to be Romi and leaves with Suhani. When Suhani finds out that he is not the real Romi, Suraj makes a runs into happy-go-lucky Goldie's flat, where he starts living. While Suraj visits a supermarket, he finds that Australians are attacking the Muslim shopkeeper, and approaches them with a gun, when one of the attackers points out "See no evil, hear no evil!", Suraj runs away. Suraj hides in Nicole's car. She works in a strip club named 'Duke's Club'. Suraj decides to be Suhani's brother, Samarth's (Arjan Bajwa) driver. When Samarth's car breaks down, Suraj has to get help, but instead he tells Romi to go and fix his car so Suhani and Suraj can spent a night together. Soon enough, Romi is attacked by Australians, and all the Indians start to protest, and sudden samarath attacks on devid (Suhani's friend) and police arrests samarth. Suraj dint want him to involve in the mess and leaves from the venue. In the night Nicole says everything about his brother, who was involve in every attack against Indian and says to Suraj to don't bother, he is safe as long he is with her. She also tells that Samarth will be attacked when he will be released from the police custody. Suraj left her and went to the police station and saves Samarth. Suraj and Suhani were shocked when doctor tells them that Samarth is in coma. In between, police arrests one of the attacker. Suhani convince her for be lone witness of the attack and goes to the police station. Before they process, Police got information about the Suraj's original identity as Jai Dixit. Before police get him, he departs from the police station. Suraj and Suharni leaves for David's home. Samarth and Romi both murdered few Australians and Indian couples and blew up a club. Suhani tells everything about Samarth when they came to know that Samarth kidnapped Nicole ans asks him to save Nicole. Only this would stop all these violence. When Suraj reaches at Nicole Home, he was hit by Samarth and then came to know about Samarth's planning to murder Nicole and blame the murder on himself. Suraj tries to make understand Samarth but Samarth couldn't come out of his mental disability about the violence. He fires on Suraj but Romi kills Samarth, save Nicole. This event brings a new era of friendship between Indians and Australians.

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