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What if Saif and I are already married said Kareena
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Seems Kapoor girl Kareena is now not happy with her wedding news. She do not want this personal matter to be discussed in the media or in public.

Speaking to media, Kareena expressed her grief, "It’s sad, my marriage has become a ational joke. The wedding's on, but beyond a point, I don't think my fans or media need to know more."

Sometime ago, news cropped up that the duo has already got married and are hiding from the world. Ask the bride-to-be herself, and she asks with a smirk, "What if we're already married and nobody knew? I could have been married for years and not told a soul."

Every move of Kareena is being watched minutely and she said it’s nice to be important but at times, she just bypasses things. "Other people can walk in and out of films, drop people from their lives, and nobody says anything. I do anything, and it’s all over the news channels and Twitter. It’s nice to be so important, but sometimes I feel like saying, ‘back off!"

(Author - Manees Bajpai)