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Veena Malik`s hot photo shoot for her debut film
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Veena Malik, the controversial Pakistani actress is desperate for publicity. As if the nude photo shoot with FHM magazine was not enough she has now done some saucy photo shoots to start the publicity campaign for her debut film 'Daal mein kuch kalaa hai'.

The film is said to be a naughty comedy about love, lies and the lust for money. True to the mood, Veena dabbed on some loud red lipstick for the photo-op, to accessories a garish gown, that looks more like a designer's faux pas in a bid to highlight her ample assets.

Veena wearing a micro bikini in another photo, clutching a bundle of notes that covers her bosom.

Veena's co-star in the film are Bobby Darling, Jackie Shroff, Raja Chaudhry, Shakti Kapoor, Sunaina Singh and Jennifer. Anand Balraj is a director of the film.

(Author - Manees Bajpai)