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Umpire Asad Rauf says he promised Leena Kapoor nothing
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Cricket and controversies are always together. Don't know whether Controversies are beneficiary for Cricket or Cricket is required for controversies.

A new case is that a Model from Mumbai Leena Kapoor has filed a written complaint with the police against Pakistani cricketer turned umpire and a member of ICC's Elite Umpire Panel Asad Rauf of exploiting her sexually for months after promising he would marry her.

The model has reportedly said in her complaint that Rauf has refused to even admit to knowing her, despite being in an intimate relationship since March this year.

The model, in her written complaint to a local deputy commissioner of police (DCP), alleged that she had met the former cricketer in Sri Lanka a few months back after which they spent a few days together.

The complainant alleged that Rauf told her he would marry her and would also get her an apartment. She said that he did disclose his marital status and the fact that he had children but added that religion allowed him to have more than one wife.

On the other hand umpire Asad Rauf denied he was in a relationship with bollywood starlet Leena Kapoor or had promised to marry her.

"I do remember the girl. She was keen to be part of the Bigg Boss TV show and wanted me to put in a word for her," Rauf told to a leading daily.

"I don't remember where I met her," Rauf said. "During our travels around the world and at the Indian Premier League parties we meet a number of fans and people in the show business. They request you for pictures and we oblige."

According to Kapoor "After the shoot of my movie Lender got over in March, I went to a resort in Sri Lanka with friends, where I met him," she said. "He told me that he would marry me but now he doesn’t even recognise me."

(Author - Manees Bajpai)