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Two films on Bhanwari Devi
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Bhanwari Devi was the victim of degeneration and criminality in the political system. People are not aware about the facts. They dont know the reality of Bhanwari Devi or about Bhanwari Devi. She was the center of attraction only because of the sex CD with a minister. Now few filmmakers are trying to use her name.

We got to learn that the Bhanwari Devi film to be produced by two filmmakers. One is Nikhil Tonk and other is Ranjeet Sharma. Nikhil Tonk has final the name of the film as 'Bitch'. Now you can think what he is going to offer you.

While Tonk was looking for an A-list actress to play the pivotal role, Sharma has roped in a relatively unknown actress Sadhika Randhawa to play the Bhanwari. I dont know how they are going to justice with Bhanwari Devi as the screen play, story is still not revealed but what I know is at a time when the literacy rate among SCs in Rajasthan was just 8 percent, when for Bhanwari's own “nat” community it was even lower, when the dropout rate for middle school even today is as high as 88 per cent, here she was, a child bride, who managed to reach high school.

She passed the qualification tests to become an auxiliary nurse midwife (ANM). This is not a small feat. Only 47 women of the 617 ANMs in Jodhpur district belong to the STs and SCs, of whom hardly any belong to the nat community. She used her earnings to send her children to school.

She was gangraped in 1992 and a major court case ensued. It was for the first time in the conservative region that a woman was not ashamed of rape and spoke openly about it. She braved social boycott and risked her life for a cause, shaping the women’s movement in Rajasthan. She has also emboldened victims of rape to come forth and demand justice.

Title 'Bitch' for this movie is sure to create the controversy....

(Author - Manees Bajpai)