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SRK is inspired by wife Gauri
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From the very beginning the Gauri Effect was working on Shahrukh Khan. Shahrukh wrote most of the things regarding his wife Gauri in "Shahrukh and Guari - The Love Story". SRK said that "Gauri has turned me from an animal to a man. She is the stabilizing factor in my life."

Shahrukh also feels he needs to learn patience from his wife Gauri.  Recently, on microblogging site Twitter, a fan, @faisal_manga asked Shah Rukh, “What is the favourite quality which your wife has, which you wish you had?”. The 46-year-old instantly replied, “Patience.”

SRK and Gauri married in 1991 and have two kids, son Aryan 15, and daughter Suhana 12. This is one of the most respectable couple of bollywood.

(Author - Manees Bajpai)