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Poonam Pandey tempts Ratan Tata with Chinese Dosa
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'Understanding' and 'Knowledge' has nothing to do with our bikini girl Poonam Pandey. Without knowing the fect and the relation with the situation she can throw her cloths for anything or she can comment on anything.

Foe everyone she has her comments. Even if it is Ratan Tata, Chairman of the Tata Group. She does not mind mentioning Ratan Tata too, even if she half understands what he says.

'China has never done anything adversarial to India - Ratan Tata'' CLEARLY not eaten Gobi Manchurian or Chinese Dosa?" Poonam tweeted.

Most of us could understand that Ratan Tata was talking in terms of Indian and Chinese economy and was expressing his wish that if only this second class enemy of our country would turn into an ally, Poonam was probably not able to get what Tata was saying so she added "Clearly he not eaten Gobi Manchurian or Chinese Dosa?"

Poonam, we fail to understand what Gobhi Manchurian has to do with Ratan Tata's statement. Why venture into economic matters when you have opprtunity to post your pics on twitter for anything. We hope when Sachin will give his views in RS, you will celebrate that moment in your own style on twitter....

(Author - Manees Bajpai)