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Abhi - Ash get ears pierced along with baby Aaradhya
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Though Abhishek Bachchan and his wife Aishwrya are overprotective about their beti Aaradhya and hasitate to reveal anything related to her, but a grandmother is a grandmother.
Grand parents love to talk about their grand childern.

Media and fans are always interested to know every detail about star child. The family's secrecy has inevitably led to more curiosity about how Aradhya actually looks like and other details. Earlier Jaya Bachchan opened her mouth on some occasions.

And this time News of baby Aaradhya having her ears pierced was revealed again by her grandmother, who during a film premiere in Delhi was heard telling actress Nandita Das that the little angle has had her ears adorned with tiny earrings.

Earlier in June, Jaya revealed in an interview with a radio channel in London a lot of interesting things about her granddaughter's eyes and her looks.

One interesting thing is that Aaradhya's parents Abhishek-Aishwrya decided to get their ears pierced along with her.

Ash's mother Vrinda Rai organised the whole thing for them with a family doctor. After they got home, the father and daughter were seen hugging each other for a long time.

(Author - Manees Bajpai)